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Representing MicroCFD in Middle East and Pakistan

We conduct state-of-the-art Trainings for Power Plant professionals.

Open to take industrial projects for post-graduate engineering students.

Independent Research Group for Aerospace, CFD, Thermal & Sustainable Energy.
Power Plant Training
Registration form for the power plant training is being conducted in the 2nd week of March 2013 at Regent Plaza Karachi.
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Ceee Solutions is the distinct Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Energy and Environment Research group and solutions provider in Pakistan. We provides quality professional engineering solutions globally, conduct trainings with affiliated Engineering College and Universities, adapting to the changing needs of the industry, meeting and exceeding client expectations, and being a contributing member to the communities where we work.

We are involved in both large and small scales projects for private sector, international partner consulting companies and financing institutions. Ceee solutions foresee the need for a comprehensive body that will enable indigenous R&D and execution in collaboration with researchers, designers, contractor and entrepreneurs globally.
Ceee Solutions mean not to provide just solutions provider, but also expertise, training and support to our clients.

With cluster facility and CFD expertise in encyclopedic fields, optimized numerical solutions are provided both quickly and accurately.
Sustainable Energy
The technology assessment based on demographic and geographical prospect is an important factor for technology acquisition.
Trainings are conducted for experienced professional and fresh engineers in the fields of Thermal Power and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Thermal Energy
We provide Exergy Analysis, Technology Assessment and Feasibility Analysis, Numerical Simulations, Boiler, Trainings etc.

Fire Safety and Building Evacuation
Fire and smoke numerical simulations are provided combined with our expertise for evacuation plan in residential building, factory and plants.

We are involved in cutting edge researches in the fields of Aerospace, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Thermal and Sustainable Energy with our affiliated Universities, Research Groups, and Industries and also help post-graduate students for their research. We are an independent Research Group.

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